Accommodation conditions

Terms of payment

Standard tariff

Non-refundable rate

Occupancy rules

The rates are calculated according to the type of flat and the number of people occupying it. This information must be provided.


Private parking is available. It is necessary to book in advance because they are limited.

Price: 10 euros per day.

Check in / check out

Damage and damage

Guarantee sheet: The customer will sign a sheet of conformity with the conditions described in this section, providing a credit card number as a guarantee.

At the end of your stay in the flat, you will return it in the same conditions in which you found it on arrival (premises, furniture, fixtures and fittings and other equipment).

You will report as soon as possible, any damage or damage that has occurred in the accommodation during your stay.

The client will be responsible for the repair of all damages and damages that may have been caused in the flat during their stay, in the furniture, belongings and other equipment due to inappropriate use, as well as the replacement of any missing element, or loss of keys (20€) and / or garage door opener (50€).

The company TURYRES S.L. is expressly authorised to charge the credit card provided as a guarantee for any damage or damage caused in accordance with the previous point. Under no circumstances will the company proceed to charge the credit card without prior notification to the customer.

TURYRES S.L. will not store the credit card details provided by the customer.
The client is informed that smoking is strictly forbidden both inside the flat and in the communal areas (entrance hall, stairs and lift). In case of non-compliance with this rule, a penalty of 100 € will be charged to the credit card provided.

Se admite una mascota gratuitamente bajo petición. Se cobrará un suplemento de 10€ por mascota/día adicionales. Las mascotas deberán estar siempre acompañadas por sus dueños. No se permite dejarlas solas en los apartamentos, ni tampoco subirse a las camas ni a los sofás. La ropa de cama/toallas será de uso personal exclusivamente. En las zonas comunes (portal, escaleras y ascensor), deberán ir atados.

Guests are responsible for disposing of the waste generated during their stay on the day of departure.